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Calls to make nap part of workingday after latest study on brainbenefits


Winston Churchill was a past master, whileSalvador Dali made it an art and Margaret Thatcher allegedly(据说) did it in the back ofher official car.


Winston Churchill

Napping(小睡) has long been a habit of the elite(精英), but recent research has led to renewed(再次兴起的) calls for employees(员工) to be allowed to doze(打盹) on the job too.


According to a study published this week, habitual napping appears to be associated with(与…相关联) a larger brain volume(容量) in adults, with scientists suggesting this raised the possibility the practice offers some protection against neurodegeneration(神经退行性疾病) although experts(专家) stressed that further research was needed.


The work followed previous studies that suggested a brief doze could improve people’s ability to learn.


Arianna Huffington, a co-founder of HuffPost and the founder(创立者) and chief executive of wellness company Thrive Global, said: “Given the latest science on the effectiveness of napping and the clear link between employees feeling well rested and their productivity, it’s long past time that businesses embrace short naps at work."

《赫芬顿邮报》(HuffPost)的共同创始人、健康公司Thrive Global的创始人兼首席执行官Arianna Huffington表示:“考虑到关于小睡效果的最新科学研究以及员工感觉休息良好与生产力之间的明显联系,企业早就应该欣然接受在工作中进行短暂的小睡了。”

Arianna Huffington

She is not alone. Dr(博士) Mattie Toma, anassistant professor(助理教授) in the behavioural science group(行为科学组) at Warwick University(沃里克大学), said her own research among low-income(低收入的)urban(城市的) workers(工人) in India(印度) found half-hour(半小时) afternoon naps boosted(提高)attention, wellbeing(健康) and productivity.

“她不是一个人。”。沃里克大学(Warwick University)行为科学组的助理教授 Mattie Toma 博士表示,她在印度的低收入城市工人中进行的研究发现,午后半小时的小睡可以提高注意力、健康和生产力。

"Given the emerging(新出现的) evidence around the benefits of naps, not only for worker wellbeing but also for a company’s bottomline(盈亏底线),companies ought to consider offering their employees the chance to nap” said Toma.

考虑到有关小睡益处的新兴证据,不仅对员工健康有益,而且对公司的盈亏底线也有影响,公司应该考虑为员工提供小睡的机会,” Toma 说道。

Prof(教授) Sara Mednick, of the department(系)of cognitive sciences(认知科学) at the University of California, Irvine, agreed.

“We are a sleep-deprived(睡眠不足) people, which makes us more prone(很有可能…的) to accidents at work, lower levels of creativity and concentration(注意力),and higher levels of irritability(烦躁)”she said.

加利福尼亚大学欧文分校(University of California, Irvine)认知科学系(Department of Cognitive Sciences)的教授Sara Mednick也表示同意。“我们是一个睡眠不足的人群,这使我们更容易发生工作事故,创造力和注意力水平降低,烦躁情绪更高,”她说道。

Businesses providing a space to rest will reduce the costs that incur(招致) from the lost time and the fatigue-related errors(疲劳相关的错误)


“It also gives the higher-ups(上级) the chance to acknowledge(承认….的存在) the challenges of the 24/7 culture and come up with(提出) top-down(自上而下的) solutions(解决方案) that encourage workers to take care ofthemselves in and out of work, which goes along way(有好处) in terms of retention(维持)


24/7 : 24-7 是指每周 7 天、每天 24 小时。不停服务的工作!

Some businesses, including Thrive and HufPost, have already introduced(引入) facilities(场所) for employees to take naps, with Google introducing sleep pods(舱) as far back as(早在) 2014 and companies including Nike and Ben& Jerry’s introducing nap rooms.

包括 Thrive 和 HufPost 在内的一些企业已经推出了供员工小睡的设施(场所),谷歌早在 2014 年就推出了睡眠舱(舱),耐克和 Ben& Jerry’s 等公司也推出了小睡室

The practice(做法) has even been adopted(被采用) bythe NHS(英国国民保健服务体系), with a growing number of hospitals introducing sleep pods for staff(全体员工) in an effort to help them get more rest.

NHS 的图像结果

Employees, it seems, are enthusiastic(极感兴趣的).Sean Greenwood, of Ben & Jerry’s, said: "think our experience is that rested employeesare much more involved and creative, and if aquick nap helps serve that purpose, we’rehappy to provide that for our team members.”There is still work to do to rehabilitate(平反)the idea of a doze, however.

员工似乎都很热情(极感兴趣的)。Ben & Jerry’s 公司的肖恩-格林伍德(Sean Greenwood)说: "我们的经验是,休息好的员工会更投入、更有创造力,如果小憩有助于实现这一目的,我们很乐意为团队成员提供这样的机会。然而,要恢复瞌睡想法的还有很多工作要做。

Huffington said: “Unfortunately, the practice of napping still suffers from our collective(集体) delusion(错觉) that equates(视…等同于) sleep with weakness and laziness(懒情),but the performance-enhancing benefits(表现提升的好处,性能提升的益处) of naps have been no secret to many leaders(领袖)throughout history!"

赫芬顿说: “不幸的是,我们的集体错觉(错觉)仍然影响着人们的午睡习惯。把睡眠等同于软弱和懒惰(“懒情”)。但在历史上,午睡对提高绩效的益处对许多领导者来说并不是什么秘密!”

While sleep experts stressed(强调) that a daytime(白天) doze could be beneficial(有益处), they said it was crucial(至关重要的) to get enoughshut-eye(睡眠) at the end of a day.“Napping per se is not necessary for everyone, but can be helpful for some” said Colin Espie, a professor of sleep medicine(医学) at the University of Oxford.


“Importantly, it is often an indication(迹象) that people are not getting sufficient(充足的) good quality sleep at night, so they need to catch up.

The solution, he said, was to encourage goodsleep health.



Espie’s five principles(原则), developed for the NHS “Every Mind Matters” (NHS 一项由NHS 发起的活动)campaign(活动/运动),include prioritising(优先考虑) sleep, experimenting(实验,尝试) to discover the best time and duration(持续时间)of sleep, and avoiding influences that can upset(打乱) sleep - be it caffeinated(含有咖啡因的) drinks in the evening, a stuffy(通风不畅的)bedroom(卧室), or the use of phones and tablets(掌上电脑) at night.


埃斯皮的五项原则是为国家保健服务体系的 "每个人的头脑都很重要 "运动(运动)制定的,其中包括优先考虑睡眠、尝试发现最佳睡眠时间和持续时间(持续时间),以及避免影响睡眠的因素,如晚上喝咖啡(含有咖啡因的饮料)、闷热(通风不畅的)卧室或使用手机等。睡眠的影响因素,无论是晚上含有咖啡因的饮料、闷热的(通风不畅的)卧室,还是晚上使用手机和平板电脑(掌上电脑)。

“If people feel the need to sleep regularly(定期/经常) during the day, then they should at least consider that they might have a sleep problem, and that it’s more than a lifestyle(生活方式) thing” he added.


Previous research has also suggested excessive(过多的) daytime napping may be a nearly warning sign of declining(正在衰弱的)cognitive health(认知健康)


Valentina Paz, a co-author(合著者) of the study published this week into daytime dozing and brain size, said more work was needed to untangle(理清) the association betwee nnapping and brain health.

瓦伦蒂娜-帕兹(Valentina Paz)是本周发表的一项关于白天打瞌睡和大脑大小的研究的合著者之一,她说还需要做更多的工作来理清打瞌睡和大脑健康之间的关系。

Based on previous findings, we know that taking a short nap in the early afternoon may benefit those needing it" she said.However, Paz added: “Previous studies have reported mixed findings regarding(关于) the association between napping and brain health, so … further work is needed on this topic(话题):”

她说:“根据先前的研究结果,我们知道在早下午小睡可能有益于那些需要的人。”然而,帕兹补充说:“以往的研究对打盹与大脑健康之间的关联报道存在不一致的发现,因此… 进一步研究还需要在这个话题上展开:”。

-文章来源于 The Guardian (卫报)译:村望老弟!